Whales, Birds, and Dolphins Oh My!

Once again, we have had fantastic whale sightings on every trip, and this weekend’s trips were no exception! They saw multiple terminal dives, breath exchanges, lunge feedings, pectoral fin slapping, and fluke showings. Other marine life seen during these trips were a pod of very active bottlenose dolphins and a sea turtle. The birds were flying, too; they got to see osprey, cormorant, black-backed gull, laughing gull, herring gull, snowy egret, great egret, common tern, California gull, American oystercatcher, and black skimmer.

Thanks to Dana Trojca, Heidi Lechner, Tara Kimball, and Laura Nelson for the beautiful photos. Also, a big thank you to the New York Marine Rescue Center for their amazing volunteers! 

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