Seals, Seals, and more Seals!!

The weather was perfect for seal watching all three trips! The seals were all over! Saturday, we saw a cute little group on land with 40-60+ swimming all around the boat. Sunday was even better, with just as many, if not more, hauled out and loving the winter weather. Monday, they saw tons of seals hauled out and sunbathing! Let’s remember the other wildlife; the bay was active with many birds and ducks. And again, there were plenty of Harbor Seal sightings on all 3 trips last weekend, and we are hoping for the same this weekend!

We thank everyone who joined us and can’t wait to see you all again!

Here are some of the photos we were able to take on the 1/14/2023 Seal Watching cruise through Freeport Bay!

Thank you to Steve Abbondondelo for the beautiful photos

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