A Whale of an Adventure – 6/1/24 & 6/2/24 Whale Watching Cruises

As we set off on our 6/1/24 whale watching adventure, our passengers were delighted by the sight of ospreys, cormorants, various types of gulls, common terns, and great egrets. The serene sea and bright sunshine made for a pleasant morning on the water as we searched for humpback whales and dolphins. Our quest was rewarded with an encounter with a majestic humpback whale that captivated us with its terminal dives. To cap off the experience, we witnessed a small pod of bottlenose dolphins feasting on bunker fish/Atlantic menhaden, creating a truly unforgettable whale watching adventure. On 6/2/24, We marveled at the stunning diversity of marine life, including ospreys, cormorants, gulls, common terns, and great egrets. As we continued our journey, we were captivated by the sight of two humpback whales; one displayed some antics and showcased their pectoral fin slaps and terminal dives. We reveled in their company before embarking on a quest for more humpback whales, resulting in two further sightings on the horizon. Our ocean escapade also featured a pod of bottlenose dolphins indulging in a meal of Atlantic menhaden/bunker, and the tranquil sea conditions made for a sublime morning aboard the Atlantic Pearl.

Thanks to Dana Trojca for the beautiful photos. Also, a big thank you to the New York Marine Rescue Center for their amazing volunteers! 

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