Another beautiful day on The Atlantic Pearl! 6-15-24 Whale Watching Cruises

Captain Pete reports:
Our 6/15/24 #whalewatching journey began as we made our way through the scenic marshland, where we were greeted by an array of birds, including ospreys, common terns, great egrets, snowy egrets, mute swans, and double-crested cormorants. As we approached the ocean, we were thrilled to encounter two humpback whales, one of which was putting on quite a show. The more active whale repeatedly displayed its impressive fluke, much to the delight of everyone on board. To top it all off, we were treated to the breathtaking sight of a pod of over 80 inshore bottlenose dolphins, their sleek bodies gliding effortlessly through the water.

Thanks to Dana Trojca for the beautiful photos. Also, a big thank you to the New York Marine Rescue Center for their amazing volunteers! 

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