Everything whale be ok- 6/29/24 Whale Watching Cruises

Our 6/29/24 trip revealed an incredible journey through the marshland, showcasing numerous ospreys basking in the warm sun and common terns diving into the water for their next meal. Double-crested cormorants were spotted sunning themselves on the shorelines and docks, while snowy egrets and great egrets also appeared. The highlight of the trip was the sighting of two humpback whales, with one putting on an impressive show for the crew and passengers aboard the #AtlanticPearl, which was chock full of lunge feeds, a breach, terminal dives, and breath exchanges against the stunning backdrop of the New York City skyline.
As we explored the ocean, we also had the delightful experience of observing a pod of bottlenose dolphins, consisting of approximately 25 individuals, frolicking and interacting with each other in their natural habitat

Thanks to Dana Trojca for the beautiful photos. Also, a big thank you to the New York Marine Rescue Center for their amazing volunteers! 

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